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Miraculous in China

Miraculous in China

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Hazel By Autumnpips Updated Mar 30

Marinette's mother has decided to enter a competition - but this competition isn't in Paris, it's in China. Marinette has never been out of her city of birth, and Sabine decides to take her along. This is possibly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for Marinette, and she's excited for it.
                  At the same time, Adrien Agreste also has to go to China, for two reasons - to improve his Chinese, and to model different outfits. Little do they know that fate has bound them together ...
                 Maybe the competition isn't the most important thing. Maybe it's what they learn from it, and how they progress afterwards.
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                  For the story's purpose, Adrien's father is Hawkmoth.
                  Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in this story, only the plot. It is just a fanfiction.
                  Cover by @_Dameloup_ (again) seriously, she has the most amazing ML covers.

LynnesseFrey LynnesseFrey 3 days ago
You know the one time when he was going to akumatize the magician? He d
                              Said that it was risky, for a reason. Because he was seting an angry snake upon himself
im4Animals im4Animals Mar 31
He is in the origins when hawkoth is talking to nooroo you can see it's adriens dad and hawkmoth has a locket with adriens mother's face in it.
LynnesseFrey LynnesseFrey 3 days ago
But hawk daddy still has the chance to turn things around and help fight other villians. I would love to see him try the whole dad bonding thing. X3 those clips would be so cute!
Ayanami5678 Ayanami5678 Aug 26, 2016
Hazel! I didnt know had a wattpad account! It makes me very happy ;)). I'm Carla. I'll check out your stories. This one is very cool.
WolfKing371 WolfKing371 Sep 27, 2016
Of course he's Adrien's father in the show does anyone remember the episode with Simon says and he wants revenge on Gabriel Agreste and Hawkmoth said it'll be dangerous but it's a good plan why would he say that if he's not Gabriel Agreste so he is him
LULUisINCA LULUisINCA Oct 23, 2016
Go online and compare Adrien's dad to Hawkmoth, you'd find that they're the same