I'm Yours || BWWM

I'm Yours || BWWM

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[Completed] "Can I sit here?" A boy with dark brown hair asks as he rests his arm on the counter.

She looks up into his green eyes, "Yeah go ahead."

The boy takes a seat, ordering a cold beer.  "You here alone?" He asks, taking a sip of his beverage.

"Yeah, I needed a break from work." She smiled, then took a sip of her Manhattan. 

"Stressful day?" He turned his body, so he was facing her. 

She turned her head, "More like a stressful month." She let out a little laugh. "I hope it gets better for you." He grinned. 

"Thanks, I'm Aaliyah by the way." She smiled at the boy, who then smiled back, showing off his white teeth. "I'm Austin"


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CoriAlston19944 CoriAlston19944 Apr 19, 2017
Damon Dash, whose son appears on Growing Hip Hop and dated Aaliyah
Does anyone else think that she looks like kellie sweet...or is that just me??
aaliyahdemaya aaliyahdemaya May 09, 2017
Characters never have my name so I feel like I need to comment 😂
becka21 becka21 Jun 05, 2017
Did you know that the   sprouts twins  is a racist , ignorant and white supremacist
She look hella delicious yoo🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤😍😝💗
ThisDiamondLovesHard ThisDiamondLovesHard Mar 06, 2017
Man I would be in the bathroom crying pulling my hair out I would be a stressed mess