Boku No Hero Academia; ⌜Oneshots⌟

Boku No Hero Academia; ⌜Oneshots⌟

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Ike By ikemen-san Updated May 05

The title says it all, btw these might be horrible oneshots, just warning ya. Anyways enjoy! :D

Request box: Closed!

I write:
-Smut [i see you sinning ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]
-BSM (Brother Sister Moment)

PM me or comment your request!

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SarahHerron SarahHerron Jun 03, 2017
Could the prompt be reader and izuku have to hide their relationship from katsuki
Miiyui Miiyui May 13, 2017
Can I make a request of Shoutoxreader? If you would like you could make the plot.
                              Thank you!!
bakug0u bakug0u Apr 30, 2017
Could you please make a katsuki x reader, just a cute one shot. It could be about katsuki starting to fall for the reader as they knew each other since they were children or something along the lines of that, thank you!
Acheronian-Flower Acheronian-Flower Oct 13, 2017
A Tokoyami Fumikage x reader soul mates AU (fluff) during high school, maybe they meet at a cafe?... you can decide the plot
SarahHerron SarahHerron Jun 03, 2017
Could you please do a katsuki's sister! Shy! Reader x sister?
K3ychain K3ychain Apr 29, 2017
Hey can I request a jealous shouto x reader? Like where reader is getting hit on by like katsuki or something and shouto gets jealous? Thank you! I hope you have a great day too!