Little Miss Mysterious...(Diabolik Lovers x OC)

Little Miss Mysterious...(Diabolik Lovers x OC)

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Bloodspill101 By Bloodspill101 Updated Apr 08

Yumi Akamatsu was something you'd call not normal. I say this because she's not human. 

In a way she's glad, but not all the time.

She likes the fact that she's strong, confident, caring, fierce and beautiful. But she doesn't like the fact that most people think of her as a monster, a thing that should be killed on the spot. A being not worth their time but worth their fear and harsh words. She was proud to be what she was but they didn't make it easy....

So in an effort to change their views of her, she decides to hide her inner demons and put on a new face. She's now......Yumiko Akamatsu.

She's hoping to start anew as a 'human'....

But will that help when she's swayed to stay at Karlheinz's mansion with his sons? Will she say no, or is she going there for someone else? Is it just because of Yui?

Let's find out, shall we?

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