Be My Ancient History

Be My Ancient History

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Maxx is in an abusive relationship with Austin, Cody's got a crush on Maxx, Dan's got a girlfriend, and Zach's got a secret crush. 
Carziger happens. 

WARNING: You will cry, it's not gonna be a fun time. I promise you.

Trigger warnings: Physical, sexual, emotional, and verbal abuse, rape, eating disorder(s), eventual smut in, like, one chapter, (forced) drug use, possible character death, self harm, I think that's it?

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neganslosers neganslosers Apr 06, 2017
The gif and Maxx face makes me wanna cry even though I know cody's not hurting him
JustARandomPerson69 JustARandomPerson69 Dec 20, 2017
*with an iron grip on my baseball bat* A BROTHERFUCKER GONNA DIE TONIGHT *rages for 20 minutes*
Not-Really-Here Not-Really-Here Dec 13, 2016
NOOOO MAXXY BABY COME HERE *hugs and soothes him* Its ok baby I got you *rocks him backs me forth*
SkyletRose SkyletRose Jan 23, 2017
I'm crying so much! I barely started this book😅😭😭😭
TheRobbyExchange TheRobbyExchange Jan 26, 2017
Man, in my book Maxx was a rapist. Now im sobbing.
                              Btw he accidently elbowed my tit in real life fun fact