BTS Bottom!Jin Smuts

BTS Bottom!Jin Smuts

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Sock Jim By Jindotcom Updated 6 days ago

• BottomJin! Smuts written by few amazing authors that I've read from ArchieveOfOurOwn (Ao3) and AsianFanFics (Aff) website.

• Smuts are not mine. I'm just a big fan of their works and want to share their masterpiece here.

• Smuts may contain :
° Daddy kink
° Threesome 
° Toys 
° and many more 

• !No Rape smuts here! 

• Please comment if you want the link to the original website.

• Cover wallpaper credit to @uz_exo (Twitter)

taetae9595 taetae9595 7 hours ago
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AtLeastIHaveJams AtLeastIHaveJams Aug 20, 2016
Thanks for posting. Her stories are amazing. This was just hubba hubba 😍
taetae9595 taetae9595 7 hours ago
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