The Shy Boy (NALU lemon book) - Finished

The Shy Boy (NALU lemon book) - Finished

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OrganizedPotato By OrganizedPotato Completed

One night, the popular beautiful Lucy Heartfillia had enough of her father and ran to her favorite place in the whole world. 

The Fairy Tail Club.

She gets drunk after being so depressed and takes the shy, wallpaper Natsu Dragneel to her home.

What happens when they both wake up naked the next morning?

Cover made by PrincessMirajane!

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jazweezie jazweezie Oct 24, 2017
*eats ramen while listening to story while Asuka and Wendy are holding on the the bed for their lives since my data’s takes up all the damn slace
- - Dec 18, 2017
I was thinking
                              “O-oh, yeahhhh... I GOTTA GO FAST!!”
                              *speeds away*
                              Off into the distance
                              “I FORGOT MY CAT!!”
                              *speeds back*
                              “AHHHHH, MY EYES!!!!”
DonutPika DonutPika Nov 02, 2017
"Oh no! Gray the evil prince is here!!! AHHHHHH I'm so scareeeeddddd!!!" *
missvarta missvarta Dec 27, 2017
Awww you dork! ❤️ You’re her hero now! No need to be shy ☺️
KathrineWritez KathrineWritez Nov 16, 2017
Me: *Eating popcorn*
                              Natsu: The Evil prince is there...
                              Me: *Gasps And throws popcorn and it goes everywhere* sh*t