The Girl Who Never Stopped Smiling Various Naruto x Reader

The Girl Who Never Stopped Smiling Various Naruto x Reader

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MysteriousThing By MyseriousThing Updated 4 days ago

She was hurt, physically and Mentally but she always wore a grin from ear to ear, because that's who she was: 
The girl who never stopped smiling. 

This is a story of y/n, who never stops smiling no matter what. She has hidden secrets in her body that no one knows about. She mysteriously wakes up in a forest and as she walks, she finds the hidden leaf village. When she goes into the academy she captures all the boys hearts due to her smile.

I do not own any Naruto characters. This story will follow along the plot of the anime

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I now can embrace friendship with this author! You know an anime I watch! Truly a magnificent time to be alive.
                              Levi: you mean my girlfriend!!
                              Me: UHHHHH ULTRA IS A BOY!!!
                              Levi:......does that make
                              Me: well done you finally let those rainbows out your closed closet....let them be free *flies away*
Dr_Fluffy Dr_Fluffy May 28
The eues from the little face in the Levi time skip are staring into my soulless soul
                              ..yes... that makes sense
ThisBlackKittyCat ThisBlackKittyCat Oct 15, 2016
LEVI-SENPAI WAS HERE! MY YANDERE SENSES FEEL HIS PRESENCE *inhales through nose to capture Senpai's scent*
mysticmagicwolf mysticmagicwolf Dec 28, 2016
*shudders*levis cleaning supplies don't take it I learned that the hard way *shudders*
Psychopathic_Rabbit Psychopathic_Rabbit Dec 28, 2016
It's funny because right now I'm listening to Buren no yumiya.