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Star Hunter

Star Hunter

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Katie Baker By so1tgoes Updated Dec 11, 2016

Our favourite stories are about heroes, about good triumphing over evil. We want to hear epic tales of selfless people performing great deeds and overcoming insurmountable odds.
If that's the kind of story you're expecting, then you'd best get back to whatever alternate dimension you came from.
They call me Trig. I'm a bounty hunter.
My line of work might not be particularly honourable, but for a cyber-human outcast with a sizable chip on her shoulder (specifically, several thousand microchips) it's the perfect fit. In a galaxy full of pirates, rebels and thieves, an abomination such as myself is considered more machine than girl. My bionic appendages make me the ideal killer, the best you could ever be unfortunate enough to meet.
At least, that's what I thought up until the day I made a single, crucial mistake.
Now, the inhabitants of some half-baked planet are singing my praises and calling me their saviour. I could get used to this new, cushy lifestyle if it weren't for a pissed-off former employer gunning for both my head and total planetary domination.
The fate of the universe hangs in the balance. If ever there was a time for a hero, this would be it.
But I already warned you, this isn't that kind of story.

Am I the only one that just finished the Runner series and decided to go onto "so1tgoes next book?
Ali_Gator3 Ali_Gator3 Oct 15, 2016
This is truly the best introduction ever😊😊😊😊😊😊
Dogsandcats3 Dogsandcats3 Nov 02, 2016
Good! Heroes are overrated; I happen to really like villains!👍
b0wlofcherries b0wlofcherries Aug 24, 2016
Oh my god this is amazing. I'm already loving Trig and I'm so happy this isn't some cliché story (although I like those on occasion). You're writing flows so beautifully my heart hurts after reading your writing omg.
Little_Miss_Popcorn Little_Miss_Popcorn Dec 11, 2016
Thanks for finally making a story on the villain's point of view. It's always about heroes and I always wonder what the other side thinks.
Our protagonist takes a nonchalant approach towards death. I'm curious to see what kind of person or situation would challenge her mind. 💐