Kaya & D'mitri

Kaya & D'mitri

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Janéy J By JanyJ0 Updated Dec 04, 2017

"Oh, come on. Don't tell me you mad. I was just joki..." And before he could finish, I hit him upside his head with one of the couch pillows. I couldn't help but smile and laugh at the face he was giving me.

"Did you just hit me?" His face going from shocked to a devilish grin. I knew that look to well. He started walking closer, I backed up. Oh shit, should I run. He's closer, I step back more. I notice him looking me up and down. Did he just lick his lips!?

"What are you doing? I'm sorry." A smile now on my face, I step back again, only to feel my back hit the wall. Damn! I look down trying to think of which way to run. Before I could look up, I saw an all too familiar shadow at my feet.

"Why did you hit me Kaya?" My smile left for a few seconds and came back once I looked up directly into his eyes. He was dangerously close. So close. If I was to flinch our lips would touch.

"Cuz I can. Is there a problem... D'mitri?" I say. Still looking in his eyes.

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_queenktm _queenktm Jun 02, 2017
Me trying to swipe to the right cause I thought I missed someone actually thinking it's okay to put their hands on a female
reading_savage1 reading_savage1 Jun 06, 2017
I would have beat his ass like tf i try looking sexy and you insult me hell nah
thewig thewig Apr 16, 2018
Bruhhh that's something I would say about myself haha😂😂
She needs to see me for self defense lessons, because Chris would be in hospital begging for morphine.
Love_U_Bunches Love_U_Bunches Jan 16, 2017
Girl u better do what madea told that women to do inna diary if an angry black woman
Marie-Ping Marie-Ping Nov 23, 2016
Bloody hell no! He would have been wearing the heels of  my stilettos on one side of his bloody head, for putting his hands on me😠