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Kaya & D'mitri

Kaya & D'mitri

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Janéy J By JanyJ0 Updated Jan 07

"Oh, come on. Don't tell me you mad. I was just joki..." And before he could finish, I hit him upside his head with one of the couch pillows. I couldn't help but smile and laugh at the face he was giving me.

"Did you just hit me?" His face going from shocked to a devilish grin. I knew that look to well. He started walking closer, I backed up. Oh shit, should I run. He's closer, I step back more. I notice him looking me up and down. Did he just lick his lips!?

"What are you doing? I'm sorry." A smile now on my face, I step back again, only to feel my back hit the wall. Damn! I look down trying to think of which way to run. Before I could look up, I saw an all too familiar shadow at my feet.

"Why did you hit me Kaya?" My smile left for a few seconds and came back once I looked up directly into his eyes. He was dangerously close. So close. If I was to flinch our lips would touch.

"Cuz I can. Is there a problem... D'mitri?" I say. Still looking in his eyes.

She needs to see me for self defense lessons, because Chris would be in hospital begging for morphine.
BookBoss4 BookBoss4 Sep 23, 2016
What she mean everytime she shoulda got rid off his ass the first time aint nobody got time for that
Girl u better do what madea told that women to do inna diary if an angry black woman
Marie-Ping Marie-Ping Nov 23, 2016
Bloody hell no! He would have been wearing the heels of  my stilettos on one side of his bloody head, for putting his hands on me😠
natureotaku natureotaku Nov 06, 2016
He ded ain't no savin him as soon as he got the last word out a knife woulda been in his throught
diamonddean diamonddean Oct 19, 2016
Uh hell no I would wait until he went to sleep. An go cook some grits an put honey in it when it was done tro it on him