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Gaara x Reader

Gaara x Reader

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KJheart22 By KJheart22 Completed

You befriended a so called 'monster' and because of that, all your friends left you thinking you were possessed or something. You always showed up at his doorsteps asking if he could come out and play. Then one day, you and your father were ambushed on a bridge while getting goods. You jumped off the bridge so you could survive, for Gaara. The Sand Village then notices that you and your father are gone. Not even Gaara knew what happened to you, he thought that you left him behind like all the kids do, because of what he is and what's inside of him, a monster. Then The Sand Village gave up on looking for you and your father. Soon hatred boils up within Gaara as the years grow by and when you see each other again, Gaara's more different than he was as a kid.

Okay I don't need you anyway Gaara's the only friend I've had!!
why? you planning on killin me? just kidding! you're my best friend so i know you wouldn't do to me!
- - Mar 25
Nah, I probably murder everyone on the spot except for Gaara.
Lol reader chan just says thank you so casually like she did yell at the guy xD
ChristianGryffindor ChristianGryffindor 10 hours ago
U just got burned! I just started reading and I already love this story
Iya-Yuma Iya-Yuma 7 days ago
Perfect way to describe cotton candy, "DELICIOUS MAGIC!!" YAY!! LOL