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CHRISCARANT By ChrisCarAnt Completed


I am actual trash for this ship, first fanfiction that I'll actually put effort into writing that I'm posting! Also cover art is made by me, so ask if you wanna use it please!
In high school Travis always was curious about the quiet boy in the corner. He seemed to get great grades, he seemed rude. He seemed like someone who'd hate him, so he left the cute boy alone ,usually. That is until they get a project together that requires them to talk to each other. He ends up learning a lot about him and a little more.

Hope you'll like it! Takes place in PDH! First time doing this please give me constructive criticism! ;P

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This one "No touching,butts,boobs,arm,and faces"that had me dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂💖
ZaneRomeave01 ZaneRomeave01 6 days ago
I love the story so far it is really good I wish that my book would be as good as yours but it's not
Seychelle02 Seychelle02 Aug 13
AND THE TABLE HAVE TURNED!!!!!!! Switching roleplay is awsome
Shadow_Wolfy12 Shadow_Wolfy12 Dec 18, 2016
I think it's awesome so far 😉. Could you right a book for me it's my Aphmau oc could you please and I'll right one for you
BronieWubz BronieWubz Sep 16, 2016
Hmm, as a writer, I feel like having the character introduce themselves is never a great story start. You could start with him already in the school, and we can learn all of these as the story continues. :)
BronieWubz BronieWubz Sep 16, 2016
When you're making a list, don't forget the commas! *Bullies, bad grades, and just people in general