The MANIAX!'s Cheerleader

The MANIAX!'s Cheerleader

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Sami By Sammi_Bammi Updated Oct 08, 2016

"You can't hide from me, kitten. I'll always find you." Jerome taunted,  laughing maniacally as he walked down the hall. 

I held my breath, hoping that if I wished hard enough, he would go away. The door to my room opened and his light foot steps was the only thing heard. 

I waited until he left the room, releasing my breath when he didn't find me and the click of the door sounded. I slowly and quietly slid out from underneath my bed, walking over to the door to lock it silently. 

"Told you, you couldn't hide from me."

When I saw this book in my suggested books I went "OHHH" like Miranda Sings
bohemianheathen- bohemianheathen- Oct 07, 2016
i hate to be this person, but do you kind changing that? ik it may not offend other people but it does me