Stuck With The Playboy [Not Edited]

Stuck With The Playboy [Not Edited]

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hi it's Jessica By itsjustmejessica14 Updated Jul 26, 2015

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It's a well know fact that opposites attract. Like Magnets, or charged particles. And Ryder Reynolds is definitely charged, just not with electricity. Straight A student Skylar Faye has lived as player Ryder's neighbour for 16 years, and she's seen ta whole parade of girls waltz into Ryder's life for a fling, never to be seen again.

But now Ryder's set his sights on the untouchable Skye. Worse stil, their parents think that Skylar is just what Ryder need to succumb to gravity and come down to earth, but Skylar doesn't know if she can trust him. After all, there are laws to attraction, and Ryder is determined to break them all...

[Just letting you guys know, after this story is finished I will be re-writing it again, some of the chapters have been updated, on different book]

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- - Jun 11, 2017
yeah because you can totally hear the noise coming from someone's smirk xD
bellarkeendgame bellarkeendgame Mar 09, 2016
That trailer is bomb!!! And MY two favorite ppl Francisco&Nina yaaayyy
Yeppiess Yeppiess Jun 23, 2016
Just watching the trailer made me more eager to start reading this book.
Ethan8isbae Ethan8isbae May 19, 2016
Alec Ryder  The bad boy stole my bra  ( Ryder .Renolds ) the similarities are never ending but I love it
phan_tastic_ phan_tastic_ Sep 18, 2016
I get what it means, you know when some people smile you can hear their mouth going into a smile. Kind of like that I think.
Youngwonzz Youngwonzz Jan 14, 2017
The moment skittles were mentioned ik I would love this book