Romancing The Theatre Nerd #Wattys2016 #BWWM

Romancing The Theatre Nerd #Wattys2016 #BWWM

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Essence Miller is a beautiful 16 year old girl. She's perceptive, fashion-forward, and loves theatre. Her big curly hair and beautiful brown eyes are one of her most amazing assets. She goes to Pleasant Valley Performing Arts, a place that's movie star perfect, as they say. Almost all the girls were just as fit as a model or your average Hollywood girl. 

Essence is also a size sixteen, people say she's the prettiest ''fat'' girl at her school-but she never takes that as a complement. Ava Whitmore is the rival of Essence, she's the school's primadonna of arts. She sings, dances, acts, and dates the school's hottest guys. 
Essence hasn't liked Ava since middle school, because Ava has constantly bullied her for being fat--even till this day.  However, Essence doesn't let the hate get to her, she's confident and chic. 

Essence is also crushing on her school's popular kid, Peyton Mitchell. He's tall, handsome, romantic, and everyone's dream boyfriend. He has a high GPA, scholarships, and style, who wouldn't want him? Peyton was always the apple of Essence's eye, he was a blonde hair-blue eyed dream boat. He's also dating Essence's rival, Ava Whitmore. Peyton knows Ava hates Essence, but he has a secret crush on her. He knows that if he ever considers Essence, it'll definitely ruin his reputation and piss Ava off.

What happens when their worlds collide? Will he take a chance and romance the theatre nerd? Or will he stay with Ava and continue to be Mr. Cool?

I know this seems like your perfect romance story, think again...

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Oh I like her 😂😂 give it to them bitches raw and uncut  girl
dstineeee dstineeee Jul 19
"I'm in Dance Theatre Music Visual Arts naaameeeeeee itt you naaaammmeeeee it!!"😂😂😂
melaninpapi melaninpapi Aug 06
If bitches can make fun of your makeup then don't wear it 💀
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Yass b.itch! I’ll drop my phone for that d.ick! Bend over take yo man for that d.ick!🤷🏾‍♀️😌😩