Let's Be Insane Together

Let's Be Insane Together

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And thats what I was slowly doing. 

I was losing control. 


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TheLastCheeseCake TheLastCheeseCake Aug 17, 2016
I feel stupid right now... I tried to drink juice with the cap on. >.>
IntrovertedAJ IntrovertedAJ Oct 12, 2016
I swear tho he could've just slipped and fell and then all of the sudden pewdie be like "where did he go...?" On his ass
Ishipit93 Ishipit93 Jul 29, 2016
I listened to the broken podcast with cry in it. He said he DOESN'T have brown hair!
xxeliichanxx xxeliichanxx Feb 02, 2015
to the writer of this story, I love you. I'm a huge fan of Felix and Cry and you made this fan fiction. great idea of yours. 
lifethroughthepen lifethroughthepen Feb 01, 2015
Would you be willing to give my new book a chance and check it out!? If so thanks! xoxo
PixelHorrorFan PixelHorrorFan Sep 03, 2013
Awww... You sweetheart! Thank you for the dedication :D <3 
                              This is thrilling! I can't wait for the next chapter! I love it already, I like where it's going so far and the story seems very mysterious in a way. Can't wait for your next chapter friend! XD