Bullied By The Sidemen

Bullied By The Sidemen

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XIX_Megz_XIX By FanFicMeg Updated Mar 26

To everyone Megan was just a girl, a normal 16 year old girl who got normal grades, normal friends well basically everything you'd want in your life.

 But her past was nothing like that. Her past was dreadful, when she was around 11 her father use to abuse her and her mother, he'd always come back home drunk sometimes he'd get out his belt and beat them or find knife and slash them but it was mostly aimed at Megan, she got beaten, raped and  totured and these memories have never left her head. 

Two years later her mother was in a car crash and she didn't make it, she was left with her drunk ass abusive dad for the rest of her life.

She never brought her home life to school to most people was hell but to her it was freedom until she met seven dick heads named the sidemen.

Warning: swearing, smut, rape, abuse, depression, cuttimg and suicidal thoughts 

Hope you enjoy and i won't bail on this story

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When you finish 13 reasons why and the name Hannah breaks your heart.
Simon and Josh. Simon cause he's good looking. Josh cause he just seems really nic
17_JAB 17_JAB Aug 13
It also sells newspapers magazines and stuff like that sometimes it has a post box as well
Vik and Simon because both of their personalities are me if that makes sense
I swear his last name is barn and it dont have an s on the end
Okay, I've decided. Officially not worth my time. 😒✌️ Deuces