The Beasts Possession

The Beasts Possession

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Aaliyah Turner By Aaliyah_Loyal Updated Oct 23, 2017


Like the monsters hiding under little kids bed, everyone fears Kellum Night.

Rumors says he's a maniac, psycho....beast. People never visit lake house or cabin by the woods because they believe Kellum lives there.

Hearing these Rumors, Isabella Daniels is curious. She then make it her mission to find out the truth and you what to know what she does.

She goes into the woods.

But what happens when she meets Kellum who is then captured by her beauty and innocents.

What happens when Kellum claim Isabella.

 I mean he is a beast claiming his prey.

Aaliyah_Loyal Productions

Cover by Bridgey2000

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EveSlim EveSlim Jun 09, 2017
Ummmmmmmm who is we df nah bitch that's just a u not a me not a us but u as in like u alone
psychoqueeen psychoqueeen Oct 09, 2017
Im so honoured,my name is Joyce and thats probarly my reaction
TeenCandyQueen TeenCandyQueen Oct 27, 2017
Oliver Queen XD omg I love Olli but nooooooooo he doesn't fit a stalker
AngelLina287 AngelLina287 Oct 11, 2017
Wow... outta all the Selena Gomez pictures, you pick this. Brava or bravo... 🤷🏼‍♀️👏
MissRosa01 MissRosa01 May 31, 2017
Error of concord: That were the men ('were' being associated with plural and 'was' with a singlular) Unless you meant 'That was the man** my grandma...'
jayniex3 jayniex3 Mar 08
I feel bad for the girl...she must have wanted to knock out the person who took that shot...