The Beasts Possession

The Beasts Possession

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Aaliyah Turner By Aaliyah_Loyal Updated Nov 22


Like the monsters hiding under little kids bed, everyone fears Kellum Night.

Rumors says he's a maniac, psycho....beast. People never visit lake house or cabin by the woods because they believe Kellum lives there.

Hearing these Rumors, Isabella Daniels is curious. She then make it her mission to find out the truth and you what to know what she does.

She goes into the woods.

But what happens when she meets Kellum who is then captured by her beauty and innocents.qt 

What happens when Kellum claim Isabella.

 I mean he is a beast claiming his prey.

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jcrystel101 jcrystel101 Sep 21
How can her Grandmother be 40? Joyce is probably 16, so her Grandmother would be 24 when she was born, but the Joyce's mother wouldn't have had her period yet! Basically 40 is too young to be a 16 year old's grandma
At first when I saw this book I just read it because Selena is the cover and I got interested but WTF I'm just in Chapter 1 but I love it already and I'm excited to read more. Keep it up, you're so good in writing  stories. 💖💖💖💖💖
AnaBadass AnaBadass Oct 29
God damn it, he is taller then me. I am around 6'4'' 😛😛
brilizarde brilizarde Aug 12
Thank you for updating💙, can't wait for the next one to come!😄
AnaBadass AnaBadass Oct 29
My mom when she gets angry. 
                              The animals are my brothers and I xD
Oh my gawd. I'm on break from baking, and found your other book and now I tried to turn the page and had a mini tantrum because it ends here 😭😭