just friends『adrien agreste x reader』

just friends『adrien agreste x reader』

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♡ y/n plays the role of the classic girl that's new to paris. but paris isn't only known to be the city of love in this universe, it's also the city of the two famous superheroes; ladybug and chat noir!

♡ when y/n gets closer to chat and adrien both, some feelings may begin to grow. but with multiple setbacks in their relationship, it's six months later and she's good on her own. no adrien, no chat noir and definetly no marinette.

♡ but when somebody's grades begin to drop she's forced to hang out with adrien, and become friends with him again faster then she'd like to. but being friends with adrien is hard when you know deep down, that you like him. 

╳ warning: slow-paced, cursing/I also don't watch ML anymore so I'm not keeping up with the current events that's happening (and I'm going to finish the book bc I'm like that)
╳ this book like isn't even planned? it's cringey too and im not rewriting it :p 

☼ for females

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