Right and Wrong

Right and Wrong

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Eomma Jin By HobiOppaBiased Completed

Changkyun was by no means good. Kihyun was by no means bad. If the two could rid themselves of each other they would, as lucky as the two would be, they're neighbors. Albeit they do a pretty god job of avoiding each other. Desperation and different situations brings the unlikely pair together in one of the most unfortunate ways.

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Credit for the cover: @-parkgae

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chibiromi chibiromi May 07
I was starting to like this book. Then, the korean words came in. Please do write in either english OR korean, not a mixture of both which would and does make anyone look like a koreaboo
chibiromi chibiromi May 07
Bish hurt him and I'll make sure you won't have a chance to pull that trigger 😈
😂😂😂 this reminds me of when they had to do chin up and Kihyun cause barely reach the bar
Akiko-chaan Akiko-chaan Sep 09, 2016
                              But they're not this close aren't they? Why does he walk him home? (Cute tho)
Akiko-chaan Akiko-chaan Sep 09, 2016
Omg peach water
                              I always drank that in Japan
                              Now I'm at home and there is no peach water
                              I want peach water
                              This makes me sad hahahah