The bully

The bully

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There was a girl named Olivia, she loved to draw, read, and she was the best softball player in the high school even tho she was a freshman.   Then in 8th grade Parker started bullying her, punching her, kicking her, calling her names, and much more. The next day starts the second week of school Olivia wasn't thrilled, at all. 

As Olivia walked into school she heard "slut" under someone's breath as she walked by she looked and not surprised she saw it was Parker.   As she walked by he tripped her and all of parkers friends got it on tape. Jake posted it to all of his social media and got thousands of likes in a matter of minutes. Considering Audrey the most popular girl in the school was his sister. 

Then Olivia's two friends Emma and Maddy came to her rescue. "Hey!" Said Emma with a happy and cheery face. (😊) Maddy just said " who did this?!" You just pointed at Parker and all of his friends standing and laughing at the video they just took. "Dang it " Maddy said. 

Then the bell f...