No one said he couldn't be a villain

No one said he couldn't be a villain

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ZeroZeroSenpai By AkiBaka Updated Mar 06

Just another villain Deku story...

Because everyone always said he couldn't be a hero but no one said he couldn't be a villain! 

(o ÒwÓ o)

I've been told this is angsty

Also so far Izuku has cried a lot!

I'm sorry I ruined his dreams and he's devastated!

Edit: sorry if you think there is an update I sometimes have to do some maintenance on spelling etc

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F all might he's as bad as a villain gir telling the cinnamon roll to give up
u know that in the bnha Universe , 20% of humanity is quirkless , 20% is a lot
                              1) Full stop after "path,"
                              2) "anything like" --> "anything, unlike" 
                              3) "all might" --> "All Might" watch out for that.
CoconutBarz CoconutBarz Jan 26
You know it made me really sad when Kacchan told Deku to kill himself cuz what if he really did after all that bullying and stuff
LezieIan LezieIan Nov 03, 2017
I'm listening to music while reading AND THE MUSIC HAD TO BE KING AGAIN!!!!
                              1) "as" --> "that" 
                              2) "simple fact. He was" --> "simple fact -- he was" 
                              3) "be a hero everyone" --> "become a hero like everyone"