Ordinarily Extra

Ordinarily Extra

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Rykett By Rykett Updated Aug 07, 2016

There are those fantasy stories where an ordinary person discovers that they're actually extraordinary. Then, with their newfound power, they can go off and save the world. You always cheer for the protagonist as they become someone totally awesome and someone you can admire.

Does anyone really stop to ponder over tales about a hero who started on their epic quest but it was cut short since that hero was suddenly killed? The bad guy won, the end! Nope, you would've heard of the hero who actually defeated the villain. That would probably be because no one wanted to hear a story about failure. We'd rather hear about the extraordinary and special occurrences since we're living on the normal side of the world our whole lives.

I was like that. I longed for adventure and searched for it. But, it never found me. It found my best friend instead. She's extraordinary and I'm ordinary. She's the protagonist and I'm the sidekick, the extra of my own life story.

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