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Gothicitus By Gothicitus Updated Nov 06, 2016

'I don't think I'm weird. I just express myself better through letters.' 

Everyone thinks Yeon Hyo is strange. Including the seven men that want her. But they love it. How could someone so quirky and awkward be so perfect?

'With Seok Jin things are easy. He's kind and caring. But he would keep begging me to get help and asking if I'd taken my medicine if he knew about my mental issues.'

'Yoongi seems a lot like me. He has mental problems of his own but, unlike me, he knows how to hide them. He's sassy and confident though. Maybe that's what attracted me.'

'Ho Seok is a ball of sunshine. He knows what to do to make a girl happy. He's a major happy virus. It's rare to see him without a smile. He's really understanding when it comes to my depression. He helps me with my anxiety too.'

'Namjoon is an amazing songwriter who doesn't fully understand my illnesses. He knows how to cheer me up temporarily but he just doesn't get it entirely. He likes to take me shopping though and he buys me candies when I feel exceptionally sad.'

'Jimin is a personal trainer that I began meeting with when I started to feel extremely bad about my body. He seems hard and strong but he's a real squish and never fails to make me smile. He really cares for me and I him.'

'When it comes to Tae Hyung, I always smile. He treats me like a queen even though I'm a mere beggar in my own mind. I don't deserve him.'

'Jungkook seems like he wouldn't understand anything about life because he's so young but he's the most understanding of all. He may be younger than me but he is unnervingly wise. I find it terrifying and amazing.'

I'm which Yeon Hyo is depressed, anxious, and falling in love with seven men.

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