Arsonists Lullaby

Arsonists Lullaby

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Lily Williams By picking_lilys Updated Jan 29, 2017

"Maya?! MAYA?! Get out of there! You're gonna fucking die!" Demetre screamed as loud as she could, tears streaming down her face.

He knew that she was upset and reckless, but she didn't know he would do something as drastic as this. It was all his fault.

Demetre didn't think Maya was going to react like she did. All he could do was cry and beg her to come out. He could smell the smoke, and hear Maya singing her lullaby.

He started singing with her, "all you have is your fire, and the place you need to reach..."

Maya stopped singing. Demetre stood outside of her door, waiting.

"Leave D, I don't want you here." She said sternly.

Demetre let out a sob, "I'm sorry My. I didn't mean for this to happen! Just please, come out. We need you with us. We'll all die without you. Arnie's almost there" He pleaded, hitting the door a couple times when his voice cracked.

Maya sighed, "Demetre."

Demetre tried to open the door, but the knob was too hot. "Please. Arnie needs you, he said he wants yours to be the last face he sees." He said, crying louder and harder.

Maya Lorde is an arsonist, and this is her lullaby.

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