Harley Unwanted Malfoy

Harley Unwanted Malfoy

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sanity_lost_forever By sanity_lost_forever Updated Aug 07, 2016

Okay, so there is a story exactly like this by writinglife4sho. I am that account, but I locked myself out and can't reset y password.  So I'm rewriting!

The Malfoy's biggest secret isn't really a secret, it's just well hidden, only two people know who Harley is. The daughter of the Malfoy's. Cast out at an age of only 7 years old she became obsessed with everything muggle. Sure, she uses magic and loves it but she also rally loves her iPhone. The Weasley's twins are her best and only friends, but don't let the title trick you... Harley is defiantly wanted by every boy in Hogwarts. Being a shape shifter, she loves trying new styles. Harley has to deal with her annoying, but lovable, twin brother Draco and her emotions towards we family.  Her life is a wreck. Who's gonna help her now?

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