Trepidation: (A Scream The TV Series Audrey Jensen Fanfiction)

Trepidation: (A Scream The TV Series Audrey Jensen Fanfiction)

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Disparate By DisparateAndDeranged Updated Aug 03

There is something deadly lurking in the streets of Lakewood once more. An empty presence wallowing in his own grief and rage. Starving for vengeance and desperate to find it, he'll stop at nothing to put the final memory of his niece, Piper Shaw, and brother Brandon James to rest.

And so Troy James rises from the ashes once more to mutilate his family tree's roots, burn them on fire and make sure his families legacy is a dark, brutal, and bloody one that will forever rage in a fiery uproar in the pits of hell.

No pun intended.

Previously know as "Dead Souls Can't Die."

Trigger warning. Mentions of eating disorders, self harm depression, and several accounts of rape, gore, murder, and I will kill off your favorite characters. You have been warned.

adoremedelano adoremedelano Aug 10, 2016
Thank you so much! I'm actually so hooked on this already omg it's so good!💕
CEscandon93 CEscandon93 Jan 05
Talia I loved it so much it makes me want to keep reading to see what's coming. You did a really good job writing this.