Dead Souls Can't Die: (A Scream Series Fanfic Audrey Jensen)On Hold For Editing

Dead Souls Can't Die: (A Scream Series Fanfic Audrey Jensen)On Hold For Editing

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We all know the story of Brandon James. How he was the classic case of the deformed kid. Mom home schooled him. Father was ashamed of him. And his older brother, Troy, was the only one who ever loved him.

But what did happen to Troy? 

Well, he became a basket case, and attempts to kill himself after his brother gets shot. But the suicide attempt was a bust. And he decides to follow in the footsteps of his younger brother, Brandon James (A.K.A Ghostface) except the road he's on is a little less forgiving.

His first kill was on an innocent family. Their daughter, Eternity Colt, was the only one who survived. Troy sees his younger brother Brandon inside of her. And he becomes angry; He adopts the seven year old and takes her to Lakewood. Where he trains her to get revenge on Daisy, and her daughter Emma. Whom he blames for the death of his brother, and his niece Piper Shaw. 

When Eternity meets a girl named Audrey Jensen, a beauty with secrets of her own, she questions her allegiance towards Troy, and no longer wants to be his accomplice.

But Troy and Eternity aren't the only killers out for blood. A couple infamous killers from the past came back too. You probably know them from their legendary movies. 

I do not own the characters except for Eternity. I do not own Scream, or the infamous killers from the legendary movies.

adoremedelano adoremedelano Aug 10, 2016
Thank you so much! I'm actually so hooked on this already omg it's so good!💕
CEscandon93 CEscandon93 Jan 05
Talia I loved it so much it makes me want to keep reading to see what's coming. You did a really good job writing this.