Truly My Destiny

Truly My Destiny

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aimuniza By divadolphin23 Updated Jan 04

Hi Readers, I'm AimsWaims and this is my first book. Hope you enjoy it and it may contain mistakes since its not going to be professionally edited!❤️❤️❤️

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  -#282 in Italian
-#59 in high school experience 
-#12 in temper


Life has always been bittersweet for Numia Ali , a 16 year-old girl who is Muslim, Paki-Canadian and a hijabi. She has always accepted life as it comes and truly believes in fate and destiny. Being curvy and chubby doesn't help at all which makes her really insecure about herself but she doesn't let it define her.

On the other hand, Hadrian Mancini, a 17 year-old handsome badass Italian boy has everything. He's the only child of his billionaire parents. Girls want him and Boys want to be him. But one day, his parents decide to send him to Canada and his whole life is about to change.

Not everything is as perfect as it seems.

Everything is going smoothly until the teenagers have to meet! And the journey of a lifetime begins...


You can add me on Instagram and snapchat: @aimswaims23
P-S: This book may contain a bit of mature content but not that much! 😘


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Finally got to reading your book and I so wish I had done so earlier! It's amazing so far, can't wait to read more:)
Fmc131 Fmc131 Dec 31, 2017
Im just seeing pic of my boy in my head whenever u describe this Italian and 😂😂 wonderful cute story abt first love😍
SumiKPOP SumiKPOP Aug 25, 2016
Ah Numia😪...she shouldnt have fallen for him so fast. Is she gonna be clingy ? I hope not😅
divadolphin23 divadolphin23 Aug 25, 2016
Don't you worry SumiKPOP it's not what you think it is ! I can promise you that!
SumiKPOP SumiKPOP Aug 11, 2016
WoaW truly AMAZING!!! I'm really curious whats gonna happen since you mentioned 'dating'😅