My Bestfriend is my Enemy Boyxboy

My Bestfriend is my Enemy Boyxboy

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me By XxxlovefairyxxX Updated Feb 10, 2018

His mom is a mermaid Princess and my dad is human. My mom saved my dad from drowning in it was love at first sight. Since my mom was part fish she could not go on land. She made a deal with a sea witch to give her legs, but in return she had to give her voice. Cliché right, like who gives up their voice. How are you supposed to get someone to fall in love with you, if you cannot talk? Sorry I am getting off topic, so the Sea witch gave her a month to get my dad to love her back or she would turn into see foam, and guess what she did? She agreed. My mom was able to use her womanly charms to get my dad, but not without my grandpa finding out. He killed the sea witch and came to land and drag my mom back to the castle. Thankfully she was already pregnant with me, so grandfather couldn't marry her off to another merman. Grandfather decided that my mom could stay with dad if she lets him meet his Grandchildren. As long as my mom allowed us to choose if we want to live on land or in the sea. She agreed of course and now I am free to be a part of two worlds.
But what do you do when your bestfriend becomes your enemy. 
Hey my names Alex Howard and i'm in love with my best friend Demitry Michaels . We used to be the best of friends before he caught me with the soccer teams captain. After that he changed. The person who has always protected me, is the one who is hurting me the most. 

Tune in to find out if Alex love for Demitry will blossom or will it be too late.

This is my first story I hope you will give me a chance.  If you do not like boyxboy, please leave.

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