Never Back Down || Zenmani [AU]

Never Back Down || Zenmani [AU]

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♕Jerilyn By tattedupdayuh Updated Jan 13

Zendaya Coleman, a star basketball player from her hometown of Oakland, CA, moves to Houston, TX, with her parents after the result of them getting new jobs as a basketball coach and an English teacher. She feels like an outsider in his new school, compared to her last one where she was extrememly popular. Since she wants to fit in, she decides to go to a party with a really cute classmate of hers, Normani, who invites her as a "date." 

There, Zendaya is provoked into a fight and humiliated and Normani ends up saving her from almost being killed and brings her home to her parents. 

What Zendaya didn't know was that Normani's dad was a pro MMA trainer and so she asks him to train her so she can get better and better so she won't have to feel like the loser of the school anymore. 

But will this work? Is mixed martial arts about self defense in this case? Or about getting revenge? 

(Based on the 2008 movie, "Never Back Down")

- - Aug 15, 2016
Tf?? She must've been prepping for this night or something. Girl took off her entire outfit 😂😂😂😂😂
mybaeSHAY mybaeSHAY Sep 20, 2016
Oakland girls so damn hood but they so damn pretty🎶😏 kehlani bae
EbOnY992 EbOnY992 Aug 14, 2016
It's a great movie Never back down one of my fav movies. looking forward to seeing where this goes hope you update soon xx :)
- - Aug 15, 2016
The author must know I love when people mention melanin 😢✊
_Leeyah2x _Leeyah2x Dec 04, 2016
Everyone sitting here telling her to let it go and just go and I'm ova here like shiii I'll do the same thing, if I lose the first time I'm gonna fight you again and again until I win