falling |-/

falling |-/

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softbeatinghearts By softbeatinghearts Updated Aug 06, 2016

it may be confusing. sometimes confusion can be a strange but wonderful thing. if you can find me you can find the answers. you could start a ripple effect. but, you need to trust me and follow every direction I give. follow every direction and clue and you could be the start of something beautiful. yeah cheesy i know. but maybe you can be the start of something that can bring us together. something to save us from sadness.
take this as somewhere to start,,, 




*REVERSE* \¥|€][+£~!!<!!,>\£\¥~ CAN:&-@!(!'|£]¥}>\>BE\€~%[}]<!A BEAUTIFUL|?_••,!?]{#]%^THING IF%}>_\¥|YOU%#{  

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