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nihilism :

"the rejection of all religious and moral principles, often in the belief that life is meaningless"


"Why do you live as though nothing is real?" his best friend asked him. He was silent for a few short moments. 

"Because nothing is actually real to me. Nothing matters," he paused. "I'm not real. God is not real. You could shake my hand and feel flesh on flesh moving in sync, but it's not actually there." He paused again, collecting his thoughts. "There really is no point to anything in life. There's life and death. That's how I see it... We only have this pointless time that we are given and then we die. No matter what you do, we all end up the same."


many, many offensive things to be in this. also, trigger warning due to depression, suicide, addiction, and well- nihilistic point of views.  read at your own risk.

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