The Bad Boy Next Door(bad boy #1)

The Bad Boy Next Door(bad boy #1)

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"Face it , you feel something for me angel, the good girl always falls for the bad boy"he said smirking.

"Not if the bad boy is an ass" I said pretending like I didn't want to kiss him until his lips were numb, it killed me that I wanted him so badly, it was officially official I was in love with him.

"We'll see about that, sweet-heart" he said with that smirk still displayed on his face.

I looked up at him, our eyes connected,we didn't need words to communicate.


Amber Collins was just the typical nerd at her high school,the hair,the clothes,the glasses, but what happens when the bad boy of her school moves next door, she does reckless things,gets a whole new makeover and becomes the most popular girl in her school?

Read to find out :-)

zedashamellia zedashamellia Dec 12, 2016
The chapter is toooooo short come on Aliyah ur too lazy... TZAC