Text Pals

Text Pals

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"Do you like texting more or writing letters?"

"Writing letters sounds more romantic."

"And that's why we are texting."

In which a boy and girl meet because of a stupid school project 

Cover: @GeolaReader
Cover/banner: @caligraephy and @_inscrutable_

IWriteSins IWriteSins Feb 06
Wait, I'm curious! She could've easily just search his name on the internet (let's say, Facebook) could she? That would've ruined the whole project!
Hahaha because of the harry potter mention earlier, i read 'Grayson' as 'greyback' and I was seriously about to flip
Draco walks in the room* "aye ! Wanna have a date tonight?"
                              Harry said"sure....."
This reminds me of my school, they made us do journal buddies with a school a couple blocks away. It was stupid but who would have knew that my journal buddy would end up being my boyfriend of two years now.
I am her and mia is @MarshmallowKat23 cause I have no social skills. I read 240 pages of my book at a birthday party. (I was still forced to socialise but what evs).
btsfanboy_ btsfanboy_ Feb 04
I just found this book right now and I read its description. I find it so interesting.