Text Pals

Text Pals

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[ hiatus mint ] By the_writing_thief Updated Aug 02

"Do you like texting more or writing letters?"

"Writing letters sounds more romantic."

"And that's why we are texting."

In which a boy and girl meet because of a stupid school project 

Cover: @sunswept
Cover/banner: @caligraephy and @_inscrutable_

halfempty__ halfempty__ Aug 16
i am not a very social person in real life, but i think i'm pretty decent when it comes to technology (texting, etc.) so, text pal sounds awesome. :)
purrsthetic purrsthetic Aug 20
im a huge extrovert so I would be thrilled if this were real
gnarly_marley gnarly_marley 3 days ago
Legit searched for it on the AppStore and was extremely disappointed
_Naturally_ _Naturally_ Sep 11
So why is it "text pal" shouldnt it be "keyboard pal" since its not "writing pal"
                              Obviously i just kidding dont get offended of me thinking
mikaela616 mikaela616 Sep 08
That is the saddest thing I've ever heard. The poor muggle must be educated 🦁
This is such a fun concept. I'm really excited to see how it goes :)