In The Stars (COMPLETE)

In The Stars (COMPLETE)

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Madison M. Myers By donutandfries Completed

"I am a cat.  Just chillin' out. But in the night she's all I think about."

"I am a girl. Just watching an alley cat. But in the night he's all I look at."
Marinette Dupain-Cheng has a gift like no other. Some say she's crazy or insane while other find it as her imagination and she'll get over it. Marinette can talk to the stars. She sits on her balcony every night and talks to them. Her only friend, Alya finds it awesome but tells her she needs to pull her head out of the clouds er stars.

One night Marinette is talking to her best star friends, Ladybug and Tikki.  They understand her struggles since they are the types of stars that stat out during the day too. That's when she sees him. Running across the sky like he was jumping over rooftops having the time of his life. He stops and gets lost in her eyes. He looks at her, not wanting to look away. "Who are you?"  Marinette asked as he came closer to her. Stars aren't suppose to leave their posts.

"Your knight in the sky Princess." He smiles as the sun comes up. Being the last thing she sees wanting to see it more.

Start: August 13, 2016
End: August 18, 2016

                              Get outta the sky now and touch her face.
                              Preferably kisses
How do you know my name?! *grabs out pocket knife* explain bìtches
vanessa_da_otaku vanessa_da_otaku Nov 05, 2016
Me and bff xD but I'm the one that's like your weird wanna be bff's? XD
Mariculousfan Mariculousfan Oct 04, 2016
                              FALL DOWN
                              BECOME A HUMAN
                              BECOME MARINETTE'S HUSBAND
                              DIBS ON MAID OR HONOUR!
aralyvelaza2940 aralyvelaza2940 Oct 08, 2016
I met my best friend during choir I didn't know anyone and my friends from elementary had different classes I was reading a book when she came up and asked "You like to read?"
                              "Have you read Harry Potter, Divergent, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson?"
WeirdRandomFangirl WeirdRandomFangirl Oct 14, 2016