I'll protect you {I got adopted by BTS}

I'll protect you {I got adopted by BTS}

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"EOMMA!! EOMMA!!!" I scream shaking her. She lays completely still as blood seeps through her shirt. "EOMMA!!! PLEASE!!! DON'T GO!!!" I scream tears streaming down my face. Suddenly I feel someone pick me up and carry me away from her. "NO!!! NO!!" I scream kicking and trying to reach out for her. I hear more gunshots towards me.

"Shhh... It's okay.... your okay..." A voice says in my ear. "I'll  protect you..." I go still and cry as I am carried away.  The guns shots grow dimmer and dimmer as we walk further away.

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So.... new story! And I changed my username!! Yay to changes! Sorry I probably wont be updating as often because.... school started. Ughhhh.... not a good change...

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