Change Me || Septiplier

Change Me || Septiplier

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Sean McLoughlin was an Angel, a helper in Heaven and on Earth. Though, he had used to be a human, but became an Angel in his afterlife. Helping people through tough times wasn't his job, it was something he did because that's how he was.

Mark Fischbach was a demon. Nearly one of the oldest Demon, in fact. Killing and collecting souls wasn't something he did for fun, however. It was his job. 

But when Sean ends up bumping into Mark at a club for Angels and Demons, something within Mark clicks, and suddenly he can't seem to find out why Sean is always at the peak of his thoughts. 

After researching in the available books, the answer the two find is far from what they were expecting. And now, Mark is faced with a touch choice on whether or not he wants to change. 

Will Mark change for the greater good and to be with Sean, or will he continue with his way of life?

[someone left this as a suggestion in a comment section of one of my books and I decided to make it its own book rather a small chapter]

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Karrie_luv Karrie_luv Oct 05
Am I the only trash that thought about Lucifer from Supernatural? Just me? Okay...
Arrow_28 Arrow_28 Apr 24
                              (Why did I imagine white Gandalf at first. Oh geez-))
SpicySpacey SpicySpacey Mar 31
God pretty much just told Jack to go sin
                              He sounds like my kinda dude
Is that why he lives in L.A. visiting dear old Lucifer 
                              Heh heheh reference
So that is why i can go outside when it's 20 degrees outside wearing shorts and a tank top and i'm fine
When I saw this I thought it was God just with a tap of his finger and the mess becomes a neat pile o papers