Don't Leave Me- Voltron Fanfic

Don't Leave Me- Voltron Fanfic

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Goofy Goober By LambSauce_ Updated Oct 16, 2016

Darkness and fear spreads across the entire Galaxy when all Paladins of Voltron are taken captive by the Galra empire. In order to escape, the entire team will have to work together to figure a way out of the mothership, and a way to retrieve their lions. But trouble soon awaits them when Shiro's robotic arm begins working for Galra, Keith realizes theres more to him that meets the eye, and Pidge finds out the truth about her family.

The Paladins begin to believe everything will work out in the end. They tell themselves it will be alright. But little do they know, a certain team member has a burden. And that burden could destroy them all. 

(I do not own Voltron, or the characters. I only own the story!)

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PerryNoid PerryNoid Apr 17, 2017
I pondered over the read button for thirteen seconds and just shouted(yes out loud) "SCREW IT IHAVENOTHINGTOLOSE!" And it literally scared the pee out of my mother
ThatOneMCSoft ThatOneMCSoft May 15, 2017
Wait... how in the stars does Pidge have her bayard? Should have taken it from her? Now that's a sin *ding*. (Sorry I couldn't resist)
-SohailVizsla- -SohailVizsla- Jul 26, 2017
You mean this line?😂😂😂😂
                              Jk! Jk! I couldn't hold myself.  Sorreh XD
LavenderHumble LavenderHumble Jan 20, 2017
This right here gave me the ultimate feels. I'm slowly dying on the inside currently.
nawiedzone_kakao nawiedzone_kakao Feb 13, 2017
LambSauce_ LambSauce_ Aug 07, 2016
I'm glad you like it! I'm gonna try my best to update it as much as I can 💕 @_SpaceMice_