A Time Forgotten And Remembered. ( Vylad X Reader)

A Time Forgotten And Remembered. ( Vylad X Reader)

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Long ago , I died. 

My Name is Vylad Ro'Meave. I was stabbed in the back as a child. 

I'm the youngest son to the lord of O'Khasis. My oldest brother Garroth and my slightly older brother Zane. 

I'm a Shadow Knight. 

But before I died...

I knew a girl. And I had a crush on that girl. 

I swear I loved that girl. 

Her name. 


Aphmaus characters plus you. Yeah.

I made the cover  don't steal it.

puppy love! And Zane your hot but THAT DOESNT MEAN YOU GET TO SHOVE ME!!!
I lost all my progress I had wrote the next chapter but it got deleted so I have to redo it
Not how you think it would be spelled, before they had voice actors, they talked with those little speach bubbles and you can see how it's spelled there, but not to waist hour time it's spelt like this
Fluffycow10 Fluffycow10 Sep 18
Yesssss I'm not the only one who spells it like that.........sometimes
Oh great! Me and Aaron are going to be the last people alive in the village of Falcon Claw! (Note the sarcasm)
Well, Garroth OBVIOUSLY started a snowball fight with him and there was hail left over from hail and Garroth didn't really know what that was yet so he used it as a snowball and threw it at Zane and it it him in the eye, THE END!