A Time Forgotten And Remembered. ( Vylad X Reader)

A Time Forgotten And Remembered. ( Vylad X Reader)

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Why Bother By Stone_Storm11 Completed

Long ago , I died. 

My Name is Vylad Ro'Meave. I was stabbed in the back as a child. 

I'm the youngest son to the lord of O'Khasis. My oldest brother Garroth and my slightly older brother Zane. 

I'm a Shadow Knight. 

But before I died...

I knew a girl. And I had a crush on that girl. 

I swear I loved that girl. 

Her name. 


Aphmaus characters plus you. Yeah.

I made the cover  don't steal it.

MariaPupluv MariaPupluv May 21
Wait... What if I was secretly the daughter of an assassin or thieve, secretly here on a mission to kill the boys? Why did Zianna just let me in her house, I mean I know she's amazingly sweet and nice but come on...
MariaPupluv MariaPupluv May 21
I ship it!!!
                              Wait, I already ship it, ya hay why I'm ready This book...
                              MMMYYY SSHHHHIIIIIIIPPPP~!!!! 😂
MariaPupluv MariaPupluv May 21
I don't know...
                              If this was Mysteeet then Garroth but it could be Vylad too since not only is he the youngest at the time but Garte is pretty hard on Garroth since he's the oldest.
                              So it makes send for it to be Vylad aswell, not sure though~
                              i had a preschool boyfriend X3 
                              now i have know clue where he is or what he looks like o3o
TheEmoOstrich TheEmoOstrich Sep 01, 2016
puppy love! And Zane your hot but THAT DOESNT MEAN YOU GET TO SHOVE ME!!!
Fluffycow10 Fluffycow10 Sep 18, 2016
Yesssss I'm not the only one who spells it like that.........sometimes