miss-fit // suicide squad

miss-fit // suicide squad

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The name's Miss-fit. And this is how I became one of the baddest bitches ever.

*tons of violent and somewhat, not-really disturbing content, read at your own will*

*The only character that belongs to me is Miss-fit.*

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Miss savage 😂 ...... *sighs*😳... I'll just use that as my name   😄
I just realized who she shares last name with... Vandal Savage! The bad guy in "D.C. Ledgens of tomorrow"!!!!
this is where all the emo teenagers comment about this being relatable
I read it as " go on a date with her and her friend Barry"
                              I was like "wait? Three people on a date?" *Rereads* "ohhhhhh yep got it!"
0TheBaeIsHere0 0TheBaeIsHere0 Nov 15, 2016
This is probably the best thing in the whole world. I. Love. It. Follow for sure!
infamousxidiot infamousxidiot Dec 15, 2016
Read this as: "my friends CC, Jinxx and" and I was like for a second "WAIT she's friends with BVB?!"