Not Like I used To Be [Sequel to Badass]

Not Like I used To Be [Sequel to Badass]

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A Sorta Angel By Your-Sweet-Angel Updated Aug 29, 2017

This is the sequel to A badass and a bad boy
hue hoped you liked the first one because this book is gonna have you at the edge of your seat....

Lucy decides to quit her reputation of a badass and a street fighter. she wants to have a nice life with Natsu and her friends, but of course, people and events make it difficult. Prom still is yet to come, making the girls of the school go wild, wondering who is going to ask them out, others making moves on people who are taken...graduation is also coming up, stressing lucy and the others. 

a person from Lucy's nightmare shows up, never giving up on her. lets say he is a stalker obsessed with Lucy

More laughter, tears, jealousy, rage for the familiar Fairy Tail characters we have come to love!
Rights belong to Hiro Mashima. I own the plot

started: August 6, 2016
ended: work in progress

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NaLuhasmorelemon NaLuhasmorelemon Aug 27, 2017
Gurl I watch 10 animes for a day and I continue writing the book I've always wanted to write!
Momma_Tokki Momma_Tokki Mar 28, 2017
Gray and Juvia are the inner me! 😂😂😂😂😂 Kawaii!!!😹😹😹
cutiebug59 cutiebug59 Nov 13, 2016
I can see that happening 😂😂😂😂I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mavis_The_First Mavis_The_First Jan 22, 2017
This totally feels like something he would say in the anime 😆✨
PearlBeTrippen PearlBeTrippen Sep 06, 2016
Omg work it beautiful right there why am I so dirty minded 😂
hauntingsunshine14 hauntingsunshine14 Aug 21, 2016
She seems so much but I immediately thought of finding nemo darla. THAT EVIL BLEEP!!!