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❝Don't get your panties in a bunch, Captain Patriotic,❞ she rolls her eyes at him, walking over to the cage, ❝I'll be in and out of the toothbrush bristles you call your hair in just a moment.❞

Special Agent, Sierra Keller, gets assigned to the ARGUS division by homeland security. But more specifically to Task Force X, aka Suicide Squad.

He was almost a brain-dead soldier till she came along.

She was an emotionless workaholic till he gave her that spark.

But she's poison to his heart, and he's chaos to her thoughts.

[Sequel: Know Better]

Cover by: -reyskywalker

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panicatthe21disco panicatthe21disco May 23, 2017
If I could see his jaw line I bet I would cut some bìtches in
Josh_King_Hamilton Josh_King_Hamilton Apr 26, 2017
I never thought of this before but could this be the same Captain Boomerang from the flash and arrow crossover?
Loveme_Wolfhard Loveme_Wolfhard May 30, 2017
Be like I like long walks on the beach with the wind blowing in my hair........ AND A GUN IN MY RIGHT HAND READY TO SHOOT AND KILL ANYONE
ChelseaLandman ChelseaLandman Aug 10, 2017
I just realized he has unicorn and deadpool has unicorn who got who addicted to unicorn s
MrsHamilton_grimes MrsHamilton_grimes Sep 26, 2017
Cause your scared I ain't there. Daddys with you in your prayers. No not crying wipe them tears daddys here no more nightmares.
itxstixti itxstixti May 12, 2017
Did a cat run on the keyboard when they were typing his name In the birth certificate