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MCD/PHD/MS- role play

MCD/PHD/MS- role play

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lonely Potato By _Aimszie_ Updated a day ago

The title says it all

goldenlilyflower goldenlilyflower 5 days ago
Name: Lizzie Iplier
                              Personality: Shy, funny, nice, and friendly
                              Looks: Dark black hair, Tall, Golden yellow eyes, and has dragon wings
                              Likes: pun/jokes, being alone, and painting
                              Dislikes: being around people (because she can socially awkward)
                              Crush: none
Zanvis_Travane Zanvis_Travane 6 days ago
Name: Luna Ro'meave
                              Personality: Nice, energetic, sassy
                              Looks: long black hair, blue eyes, black dress with a white bow around the waist.
                              Likes: Music, singing, dark colors
                              Dislikes: Bullies, being alone
                              Crush: Travis :3
                              What are they?: Werewolf
                              Extra: her bff is Katelyn.
Name:Angelica Willow
                              Personality: Shy,Sweet,kind and Quiet
                              Looks:White hair and icey blue eyes. She is usual in a big sweater and shorts.
                              Likes:Sweets,Sweaters,Stuff animals and Magic
                              Dislikes:Sour things,Spiders,Jerks
                              What are they:A witch
                              Extra:Her cousin Is Travis
Name: Liana Manel
                              Personality: shy, dramatic, cute, sweet, dependent,nice
                              Looks: Profile Pic
                              Likes: bffs
                              Dislikes: when u mess with mah bffs..
                              Crush: Laurance;3
                              What are they: ...H-Human..
                              Extras: I hide my ears and tail and actually a werewolf.. But hides it.. No one knows.. Yet
MonokumaGurl MonokumaGurl a day ago
Name: Kuma
                              Personality: Bipolar. But usually acts as a Dandere 
                              Looks: Black hair, red eyes, and chubby cheeks
                              Likes: Bears, milkshakes, nice people
                              Dislikes: bullies, violent people
                              Crush: Zane
                              Species: Werewolf
                              Extra: Male
                              Tend to where over sized sweaters and black jeans
Cupcakeowlz Cupcakeowlz 5 days ago
Name: Melissa Fisher
                              Personality: Tsundere, Confident
                              Looks: Dark brown hair, Medium length, Dark brown eyes. Scar above left eye. 
                              Likes: The moon, being alone
                              Dislikes: Being the center of attention, revealing true feelings
                              Crush: Travis :P