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MCD/PHD/MS- role play

MCD/PHD/MS- role play

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sensational By _Aimszie_ Updated 17 hours ago

The title says it all

Abigail Hernandez
                              Shy, bookworm, jumpy
                              Long black hair, short, dark brown eyes
                              Books, baking, jokes and puns
                              Spicy food
Ohh wait wait theres completely wrong ohh
                              Extras:MCD:She is a Shadow knight Phd:she is stil a bullie with te shado nights
Fantris Fantris 6 days ago
Name: Katie
                              Age: 17
                              Personality: Smart,Funny,Outgoing,Kind
                              Looks: Dirty blonde hair long,Purple eyes, and violet sweater, black skinny jeans,white shoes
                              Likes: People, bones,Frisbees,running,and more
                              Dislikes: Omegas
                              What are they:werewolf 
                              Extra: Alpha female
_Mask_girl_ _Mask_girl_ Mar 31
Name: Brooke
                              Likes:Drawing/Dance/Her best friend 
                              Dislike: Drugs/Bullies/Thunder
                              Crush: Ein and Travis
                              What are they?: Werwolf 
                              Extras: Her best friend is Kai she has a crush on Ein and Travis
Name: Bella Carson
                              Age: Zane's age
                              Personality: serious and short tempered somtimes, brave sometimes, sweet, lovable and kind if you know her
                              Looks: profile pic (or i will tag you)
                              likes: music, reading, dancing, singing, her friends
                              Dislikes: bullies
                              Crush: Zane
                              Extra: find out
Name: Zekromia 
                              Personality: nice and cool 
                              Looks: turquoise Pokemon hoodie with purple sweatpants 
                              Likes: drawing , star gazing and galaga (the arcade game)
                              Dislikes: people grabbing her butt and tits and perverts
                              Crush: Aaron  (MS)
                              What are they: a human
                              Extras: none