Things Dreams of Estorra Fans Can Relate To

Things Dreams of Estorra Fans Can Relate To

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Just Trash By awesomesos63 Updated May 02, 2017

Just some things you Dreams of Estorra fans can relate to.

*spoiler alert*

*explicit language warning*

Cutiecake124 Cutiecake124 Jun 19, 2017
I'm both tbh. (I watch this series when there isn't any new MCD/MS eps/minigames to watch or when I don't feel like rewatching Meteora Valley and hoping/wishing that there was a Season 2 😖)
wolfangel720 wolfangel720 May 02, 2017
Exspecily  when they have the same voice actors and every once in a while you have to stop and think about the characters for a moment
PrincessBrunette PrincessBrunette Sep 25, 2016
I tried to make so many and then you know it didn't work lol
TheMeanyLover TheMeanyLover Sep 01, 2016
Amber as Rune
                              Damian as Simon
                              Irene as Aphmau (I know I know! Just putting it)
Fandoms_Is_Cool Fandoms_Is_Cool Jan 02, 2017
I'm probably the first one for the first episode, but then when they start meeting people I'm the second one. So technically about two minutes into the first episode
Ecopia Ecopia Sep 29, 2016
                              And also Mystreet, Pheonix Drop High, Love~Love Paradise, and all the other series.