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Believer Book Club [OPEN]

Believer Book Club [OPEN]

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Believer Community By believercommunity Updated a day ago

Are you bored of the same boring, cliche comments? Are you wanting to improve your writing skills? If you're willing to progress and will take honest criticism then this club is for you! 
                 There will be writing challenges weekly that will push you to achieve your dream potential. 
                I know there are a lot of book clubs out there, so I will try to make this as unique as possible. 
                My aim is to get you as many reads and comments on your stories as possible and to get your story popular! 
We will accomplish this together, if you're a believer.
                  Thank you and enjoy!
          Book cover by: @Amanda_Haridan

                              It Always Comes Back
                              No mature content
Username: @teenytinyteacup72 
                              Title: Stuck In A Cliche Love Story 
                              Genre: Humour 
                              Mature: No
                              Why would you like to join: I want to get more reads and for some honest criticism on my book
                              Am I commited: yes
                              Do i follow the accounts: yes
thegreatcycle thegreatcycle 4 days ago
Username: @thegreatcycle
                              Book Title: Phantom: The Curse
                              Genre: Mystery/Thriller
                              Mature: No.
                              Why I would like to join: To receive quality feedback and improve my writing skills.
                              Am I committed: Yes
                              Did I follow: Yes
its_me_lulu its_me_lulu Jul 12
Username its_me_lulu
                              Title: bound by the bakery
                              Genre: humour/teen fiction
                              Mature: no
                              Why i want to join: to assist other writers on wattpad with improving their books and my own and helping authors by giving feedback
                              If im committed: yes definitely
                              Followed? Yes
JuliannaM11 JuliannaM11 Jul 10
Username: @JuliannaM11 
                              Title: Different Love
                              Mature: Yes
                              Why I would like to join: To meet new friends and to get tips on writing and helping others.
                              (I am fine reading mature content)
                              Committed: yes 
                              Followed: Yes
Preeti_1 Preeti_1 5 days ago
Username: Preeti_1 
                              Book title: Are We There Yet?!
                              Genre: Teen Fiction 
                              Mature: Nope
                              Why I would like to join: I would love to have some constructive criticism. That will help me to get better plus I want to make my book famous.
                              Are you committed: Yes
                              Followed: yes