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Believer Book Club [OPEN]

Believer Book Club [OPEN]

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Believer Community By believercommunity Updated 7 days ago

Are you bored of the same boring, cliche comments? Are you wanting to improve your writing skills? If you're willing to progress and will take honest criticism then this club is for you! 
                 There will be writing challenges weekly that will push you to achieve your dream potential. 
                I know there are a lot of book clubs out there, so I will try to make this as unique as possible. 
                My aim is to get you as many reads and comments on your stories as possible and to get your story popular! 
We will accomplish this together, if you're a believer.
                  Thank you and enjoy!
          Book cover by: @Amanda_Haridan

LightRaava LightRaava May 15
Username: @LightRaava
                              Title: Lost Prince
                              Genre: Fantasy
                              Mature: no
                              Why I want to join: The main obvious reason, to gain reads and votes :) And absolutely to help my co-writers as well. 
                              Committed: yes
                              Followed: yes
Jey_Nathan Jey_Nathan May 01
Yea....I would be off till Friday.... I guess I can start officially then😀
TyroInLove TyroInLove May 17
Username: TyroInLove
                              Book Title: Words That We Need To Fathom
                              Genre: Random and a little bit of LGBT
                              Is your book mature: No
                              Why would you like to join: Exposure and to read wonderful stories
                              Are you commited: of course
                              Reading Mature: No
Username: @JustAnOreo__
                              Title: Something in the water 
                              Genre: Fantasy 
                              Mature: PG-13
                              Why I wanna join: I want to read and get advice 
                              Committed: Yes!
                              Followed: Yes!
bookbugbro bookbugbro May 07
Username: @bookbugbro
                              Book title: The Chase
                              Genre: mystery/thriller
                              Mature: it's not
                              Reason to join: this seems so friendly and helpful, is love to be apart of it! (: 
                              Commitment: heck yeah 
                              Follow the accounts: yesss
Regular_Guy Regular_Guy May 17
Username: Regular_Guy 
                              Book Title: The Turners (Season 1) 
                              Genre: Paranormal 
                              Is your book mature: No. 
                              Why would you like to join: Exposure. 
                              Are you committed: Yes. 
                              Did you follow accounts: Yes. 
                              Reading mature: Yes.