your brother's best friend // joey birlem

your brother's best friend // joey birlem

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bre:) By joeysflannel Updated Jul 10, 2017

"cameron alexander dallas!" skye yells for her brother.

she ran to his room and of course he was making musical.lys. "oh my god cam" she yelled as she frightened cameron 

"dude skye what the heck"

"i would like you to explain why there is a pizza box in my room.. with your name on it" she yelled once again.

"ha oh yeah,me and my friends had a party last night"

skye's point of view 

cameron was always the best older brother but sometimes he act like a 5 year old, like legit a five year old.

later that day i decided to go to starbucks and study 

i grabbed my penny board, laptop, and my phone

*at starbucks*

i got "the pink drink" just because I'm so basic and omg!

did I mention that I was wearing hunter bryce or hunter somethings merch? 

he's one of cam's friends but I always thought he was cute.
"strawberry acia with coconut milk for skye"
 I got my drink and started to edit my vide-

*ding* *ding* 

omg what now...

i checked my phone to see what cam did to me now.

i pick...