Loving Laurie

Loving Laurie

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Branch off of Claiming Delaney by J.L. Getty
**Stand alone romance, Mild language and mature content

Laurie Cooper-Hart had problems. While her younger sister, Delaney, was set to get married Laurie was signing divorce papers. But it wasn't her failed marriage that distressed the beautiful blonde. What upset her the most was her on-again, off-again relationship with a local biker named Chase. 

Chase Reynolds had never dated anyone hotter or more entertaining than the gorgeous Laurie, but her ability to manipulate others with a small smile had obviously caused her to develop some severe character flaws. The confident and secure Chase refused to put up with Laurie's immature ways, but like a drug he craved her and failed to stay away from Laurie for very long. 

Both of them fight against a desire they can't control. Will they finally find a way to be together or be forced to exist in relationship limbo forever?

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elledanielle333 elledanielle333 Dec 17, 2016
Yes yes yes people can call me pretty or whatever all day but when someone compliments my style Im like yaassssss I loooove you !