Renesmee's twin sister Rosemarie

Renesmee's twin sister Rosemarie

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Bella Swan-Cullen's cries were hearable throughout the whole house, followed by her husband's pleads, begging her to stay and not die.

"Stay with us, Bella. Stay with us."

Seeing that there was no other choice, Rosalie Cullen cut her bump open and that's when Bella screamed even louder. Rosalie's eyes widened when she saw the blood all over the place, including over the blade.

"Rosalie." Edward firmly said. And with that, she understood that she couldn't hold her thirst for the blood any longer, so she ran. She ran out from the room, purposefully dropping the bloody blade in the process.

"Renesmee." Bella calmed down when it was all over and whispered as she saw a crying baby in Edward's hands, but stopped right after when she heard another cry.

"Another?" Edward mumbled to himself, processing it in his brain. When he finally did, he exclaimed. "Bella, we're having twins!"

Isabella took all of her strength to keep her eyes open. Even though her whole body was covered in her own sweat and blood, a small smile was still visible on her pale and bloody lips.

"Rosemarie." She whispered it into her final breath and closed her eyes. Edward let out a cry and dived for her wife, biting her the second after.

Chaos wasn't the word to describe what was happening in the room next.

However, they didn't and couldn't notice that Rosemarie and Renesmee, who were now in the crib, were glancing over their mother and father twice a minute to see how they were doing, because deep down they realized that their mother was not dead and was not going to be anytime soon.

Nessie, will mum be alright?

Of course, Rosie.

Small smiles tugged on their small lips as they glanced at each other. And then darkness enveloped them, sending them into a dreamless, but peaceful sleep.

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CrazyfangurlHahaha CrazyfangurlHahaha Jul 24, 2017
Hahaha I'm dying by there telepathy 😂😂😋😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
brklynm brklynm Sep 19, 2017
the mind link reminds me so much of Look Who's talking too 😂
spottybob spottybob Jan 07, 2017
For some reason whenever theres a dramatic scene. like this I read it in the spongebob narrator voice and I crack up every time.