Pokemon rp

Pokemon rp

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♡ⓈⓊⓈⒽⒾⒸⒶⓉⓏ♡ By Sushicatz Updated Nov 01

Be a trainer or a Pokemon. Travel across the lands to find and catch them all, or journey with your trainer to become the strongest Pokemon. 

Feel free to join.

Be respectful
Don't only be females or only be males
You can mega evolve 
Share this story
If you make more than one character have at least one human and one Pokemon
RP with others
If someone is a wild Pokemon, ask to catch them first
Listen to your trainer
Feel free to break the fourth wall 
Have fun

FluffyPuff-Aoblue FluffyPuff-Aoblue 6 days ago
Name: Ridge
                              Type of Pokémon: Greninja
                              Caught/free: free/wild
                              Personality: Stealthy, kind. Powerful, very smart
                              Appearance: (look him up)
                              Other: doesn't like humans much
TinyVulpix TinyVulpix Nov 25
Name: Tiny
                              Pokèmon: Vulpix
                              Gender: Female
                              Wild/Tame: Wild
                              Personality: a lil shy at first, but if you know her well she's a snarky little thing. She's very loyal to her friends. 
                              Appearance: She has a little green scarf she found in a trash can
                              Other stuff: nuthin
Kitty_Cat_Mayu Kitty_Cat_Mayu 7 days ago
                              Stupid, shy, eats to many sticks 
                              Has random white  stripes al over her body
Neko_Frisk Neko_Frisk Nov 23
                              Species:Shiny Eevee
                              Personality:Shy,Can be protective,likes to be alone,Kind
Name: Aura
                              Pokemon: Lucario
                              Gender: Male
                              Wild or Tame: Wild
                              Trainer: -
                              Personality; Develops throughout the rp
                              Apperance: He always carries his bone with him
                              Other: He can talk to humans fluently. (That's not really a other because the real Pokemon can too but still..)
Xexclaima Xexclaima Nov 22
                              Name: Aurei
                              Pokémon: Riolu
                              Gender: Female
                              Trainer: Open
                              Personality: Calm, cautious, initially hostile, kind to Pokémon, protective of her friends