Pokemon rp

Pokemon rp

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You can be Alice, I'll be the Mad Hatter By Sushicatz Updated Nov 01, 2016

Be a trainer or a Pokemon. Travel across the lands to find and catch them all, or journey with your trainer to become the strongest Pokemon. 

Feel free to join.

Be respectful
Don't only be females or only be males
You can mega evolve 
Share this story
If you make more than one character have at least one human and one Pokemon
RP with others
If someone is a wild Pokemon, ask to catch them first
Listen to your trainer
Feel free to break the fourth wall 
Have fun

candyfloss76 candyfloss76 Dec 31, 2016
                              Athletic, different
                              Other stuff: as a Riolu he trained in the woods, until he grew into a Lucario. He is forever hoping someone will find him and take him in.
candyfloss76 candyfloss76 Dec 31, 2016
Name: Umbreon 
                              Type: Dark
                              Gender: Male
                              Wild or tame: wild
                              Personality: sarcastic, smart, closed-off
                              Other stuff: He was left by an old trainer. He had been Eevee then, but as he became more friendly towards the alleyways he evolved into an Umbreon
skyeskye03 skyeskye03 Jan 10
                              Long red hair blue eyes. Black shirts and jeans
                              Sweet and sarcastic
                              Level: intermediate
                              Pokémon: all 100, snorlax, fennekin, arceus, greninja, rowlet, umbreon
                              Pokémon form
                              Name: foxy
                              Gender: female
                              Crazy and energetic
slut_of_southpark slut_of_southpark Dec 30, 2016
From the first Pokemon movie, (mew vs mewtwo) ((she is my fave Pokemon))
Can I just be a Pokémon? If so;
                              Name: Rocki
                              Pokémon: Rockruff
                              Gender: Female
                              Wild or Tame: Wild
                              Trainer: None
                              Personality: Kind but Overprotective and lonely
                              Other stuff: None
Name: Glaze
                              Pokemon: Glaceon
                              Gender: Female
                              Wild or Tame: wild
                              Trainer: last trainer gave her up.
                              Personality: a little emo, curious, friendly.
                              Other stuff: she has green eyes, and usually wears a blue and yellow scarf.