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Pokemon rp

Pokemon rp

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MTT Brand Trash By Sushicatz Updated Nov 01, 2016

Be a trainer or a Pokemon. Travel across the lands to find and catch them all, or journey with your trainer to become the strongest Pokemon. 

Feel free to join.

Be respectful
Don't only be females or only be males
You can mega evolve 
Share this story
If you make more than one character have at least one human and one Pokemon
RP with others
If someone is a wild Pokemon, ask to catch them first
Listen to your trainer
Feel free to break the fourth wall 
Have fun

cookiepop3456 cookiepop3456 7 days ago
Name: Sakuya
                              Age: 18
                              Gender: female
                              Looks: Dark blue half shirt with Jean shorts and black high tops.
                              Personality: Active, Always prepared.
                              Level: 14
                              Pokemon: Ninetails, Litten, Sylveon, and Vulpix.
                              Other: she's super friendly and calm
PoyseFilms PoyseFilms Jun 01
Name: Poppie|Flech|DatBoiCannon|Lulu|Peachy
                              Type: Primarina|Talonflame|Toucannon|Absol|Raichu
                              Gender: The first 3 are male and the other 2 are female
                              Trainer: Eevee
                              Specific: Peqchy is Alolan
                              Other: Is very close to their tainer
Aerosmith72 Aerosmith72 Jun 05
                              Brown haired, blue eyed, and a fedora
                              Nice and smart, not overly strong(other than pokemon), plenty of friends
                              Raichu, Emolga, Jolteon, Luxray, Zebrastrika,    Raikuo 
                              Has a cafe(The Razor Cafe) and is leader of  team strike. Often gets mugged of pokemon by team rocket
Name: Siri
                              Type: umbreon
                              Gender: female
                              Wild/tame: depends on Rp
                              Trainer: depends if tame in Rp
                              Personality: friendly, caring, outgoing
                              Appearance: profile photo (can morph between humanoid and normal if allowed)
                              Other: none
                              (Shiny if it's okay) Eevee
                              Sweet, Swift, caring, clumsy, paranoid.
                              She has a small marshmallow clip under her Right ear.
                              She thinks trainers won't like her, so she runs away from trainers a lot..
shadowgirl1237 shadowgirl1237 2 days ago
                              Type of pokemon:charmander
                              Personality:aggrisive towards most males,quirky,funny
                              Has a scar across her back,wears a black baseball cap,the flame on her tail turns blue when she's mad